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A series of sexy short stories about your favorite couples in the Nights series.

One Hot Summer Night

What happens when two best friends cross a line they never thought they would? Join Cam Sorvino and Joe Cavendish in this deliciously illicit encounter before they met the men they would commit their hearts to.

A Day in the Life of a Housekeeper

A pragmatic woman in her fifties, housekeeper Xin Yi thought she’d seen it all before. That is until she comes across a strange object in the bathroom of her employers and discovers that the world is an infinitely more spicy place than she’d thought it was…

The Secretary and the Accountant

As the aide to one of the biggest business tycoons in Singapore, John Peace isn’t a stranger to weirdness. But nothing beats finding out that his secret admirer is the head accountant of Rutherford Industries. Little does John know what awaits him when he agrees to go on a date with Michael Woodhouse.

Office Lovers

Misaki Oshiro has long suspected her bosses Rhys Damon and Wade Tucker of being lovers. But when she comes to the office late one evening to pick up an item she forgot, she witnesses an intimate moment between the two men that tells her exactly how crazy they are about each other.

Sex Me Up

Tom Sutherland knows how to handle Lana Keele. After all, he was her secretary for a good four years before they became lovers and got engaged. But when his baby momma insists on some hanky panky at the office, Tom knows he’s fighting a losing battle… 

Birthday Girl

Blissfully happy in her new life with her billionaire fiancé Lincoln Hudson, Eveline Claude thought she’d gotten to know her man inside out. No one is more shocked than her when Lincoln springs an unexpected surprise on her one night.

On This Day

Five years after Cam Sorvino and Gabe Anderson tied the knot in Hawaii, they and their friends welcome two new additions to their  family.


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One Night
The Escort
Tokyo Heat
Sweet Obsession
Sweet Possession
The Proposition
One Day
Nights Series Short Story Collection


Cam Sorvino cursed and wiped the sweat from his brow. The ladder wobbled slightly beneath him as he twisted the screwdriver and resecured the panel of the A/C unit in the lounge of his new apartment.

Trust it to break down on a public holiday. And in the middle of a goddamn heat wave at that!

The doorbell chimed just as his feet hit the ground. He padded into the entrance hall, checked the peephole, and frowned faintly before opening the door.

“Hey.” Joe Cavendish strolled in and handed Cam a six-pack ring of premium beer. “Game starts in thirty minutes, so pop this in the fridge, will ya?”

Cam blinked and closed the door. “What game?”

Joe stopped and turned. “The Yankees are playing the Red Sox.” He arched an eyebrow. “I told you I was coming over last week.”

Guilt flashed through Cam when he recalled the text message Joe had sent him. He ran a hand through his tousled hair.

“Sorry, it completely slipped my mind. Work’s been kinda crazy lately.”

“No problem.” Joe grimaced. “And why the hell is it so hot in here?”

Cam sighed. “The A/C unit just died.”

“You tried fixing it?” Joe asked.

“I did. Darn if I know what’s wrong with it.”

An amused smile curved Joe’s lips.

“I don’t recall you being terribly good at fixing anything when we were kids, so why don’t you let me take a look at it?”

Cam narrowed his eyes at his best friend while he put the beer in the fridge.

“Be my guest, smartass. I’m gonna go take a shower.”

By the time Cam came back out in the lounge, Joe had stripped to his waist and was glaring at the air con unit, the screwdriver gripped in his teeth. Cam toweled his wet hair and leaned a hip against the breakfast bar.

“You ready to give up yet?” he said with a grin.

Joe scowled at him and removed the screwdriver from his mouth.

“This thing’s a piece of shit,” he grumbled, pointing an accusing finger at the A/C unit. “Considering what you paid for this place, you should put in a complaint.”

“I already contacted the building’s superintendent. Someone’s coming out first thing tomorrow morning to fix it. Wanna watch the game in my bedroom?”

“Sure,” Joe muttered. “Can I borrow your shower and a change of clothes?”

Cam made fresh popcorn while Joe disappeared into the bathroom. He headed into his bedroom with the bowl and some beer, turned on the TV, and found the premium sports channel he didn’t even know he had.

It had been three months since he’d moved to Tokyo to become an asset manager for one of the largest investment firms in the world, a position he had been headhunted for while he was still in New York. The job was everything Cam had hoped it would be and more. Though he worked stupid hours, his employers were more than generous with their salary and bonus packages, which was why he’d been able to afford to buy an apartment in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tokyo.

But more than the satisfaction his new job brought him, Cam was grateful for the city that had brought his best friend back into his life. Tokyo had been the last place Cam had ever imagined he would meet up with Joe again when he’d walked into Saron a month ago. The last time they’d seen each other was seventeen years ago, on the night they’d ran away from the children’s home where they’d been living for three years. Joe knew more about him than anyone else in the world, including the harrowing details of Cam’s childhood and his heroin-addicted mother. That his best friend was now the owner of one of the most exclusive gay clubs in Tokyo had also come as somewhat of a shock to Cam.

The bathroom door opened. Joe walked out, water gleaming in his dark hair.

“What’d I miss?”

He climbed onto the bed and settled against the headboard next to Cam.

“Not much.” Cam frowned slightly when Joe reached into the bowl and dropped some popcorn on the bed.

Joe caught his expression and raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“Mind the bedsheets,” Cam murmured.

Joe snorted and reached across Cam to grab a can of beer from the nightstand.

“Since when did you become so fussy?”

“Since I started buying two-hundred-dollar Egyptian-cotton sheets,” Cam retorted.

Joe rolled his eyes and picked up the stray corn kernels.

“There, happy, Mr. Neat Freak?”

“Yes, thank you,” Cam said.

It was the condom commercial during the break in the seventh inning that started it.

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