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*includes a digitally signed, printed author note in each book*


This collection includes all seven novels in the action-packed urban fantasy series Legion.

Blood & Bones

Artemus Steele is many things. The world's foremost yet least celebrated expert on all things ancient and arcane. A metalsmith with unusual skills. The owner of an antique shop and a switchblade that is more than just a knife. What he doesn’t want to be is a hero. When the monster he first met on the night he turned six appears on his doorstep, Artemus suspects his life is about to go from strange to hell in a handbasket. And he isn’t too happy about that.

Fire & Earth

Thrust into a role he never wanted, Haruki Kuroda, the new heir to L.A.’s most infamous Yakuza group, desires only one thing: to avenge the death of his brother. After tracking down the sole witness to the brutal killing, Haruki’s path crosses that of Artemus and his friends in a confrontation that sees a new power awaken inside the Yakuza heir.


Sebastian Lancaster has spent the last two centuries trying to forget the awful night a monster invaded his home and slaughtered his family. When Artemus and his allies break into his bookstore and inadvertently bring a horde of demons with them, Sebastian finds himself thrust into an adventure he never wanted. Fate comes calling when he crosses path with an enigmatic Theology professor and events unfold that neither he nor Artemus could have anticipated.


Daniel Lenton is a shadow. Afflicted by a disease that weakened him as a child, the priest has dedicated his life to the church and wants nothing to do with Artemus and his friends. Not when such an association would risk exposing the lie he wants to keep buried. But when an ambush rouses Daniel’s beast to defend him against a monster, he is left with little choice but to embrace who he was born to be.

Hallowed Ground

Leah Chase knows that lying to her father about her secret meetings with her estranged grandmother will come and bite her in the ass some day. When she receives a mysterious pendant from her grandmother, Leah wonders whether her father had done the right thing keeping her from seeing her mother’s family after all. Because strange things are starting to happen around her. And she can feel the presence of an otherworldly being growing within her soul.


Having walked the Earth for thousands of years to atone for his sins, Solomon Weiss becomes the custodian of Jacob Schroeder, a young boy he discovers in the desert. Conscious that Jacob is host to a powerful divine beast, the former archangel brings the child to Chicago to meet his kin and to seek Artemus and the Guardians’ help in stopping the opening of Jacob’s gate. As Ba’al renews its attacks on Artemus and his companions, the suspicion Solomon has always harbored about his connection with Jacob is borne out, while the true nature of what links Artemus, Drake, and Smokey finally becomes shockingly clear.


Trapped in the Underworld, Drake Hunter must survive in a realm that no living human has ever set foot in before. Much to his surprise, he is rescued from the clutches of Ba’al’s leader by a demon who was once his enemy and soon finds himself in the company of the most unlikely group of allies he’s ever worked with. As Artemus and Drake gather their troops on Earth and in Hell, Satanael and Hell’s Council finally make their move to capture the two brothers and bring about the Apocalypse they have long wished for. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can Artemus and Drake defy the destiny Hell wishes to impose upon them? Or will they achieve the impossible and win the fight of their lives?


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Blood and Bones
Fire and Earth
Hallowed Ground


Artemus Steele walked into the shop, tossed his windbreaker on a coat stand, and headed briskly toward the rear of the old brick building. He opened the door to his office and had one foot over the threshold when he froze.

A package sat on his well-worn antique desk. He stared at it for several seconds before carefully releasing the doorknob and backing out of the room.

“Hey, Otis! Did you take a delivery this morning?” he shouted down the gloomy passage to his right, his gaze still on the object taking up a considerable amount of space on his one-of-a-kind bureau.

Artemus grimaced when the sound of his own voice reverberated painfully around his skull; it felt like someone was swinging a hammer inside the damn thing.

Footsteps sounded on the rickety staircase that connected the first floor of the shop to the apartment above it. A figure in a worn housecoat and fluffy slippers shuffled into view at the end of the passageway.

Otis Boone yawned, blinked blearily behind his glasses, and scratched the expanse of pale chest visible above the sagging neckline of his flannel shirt. “What delivery?”

Artemus studied his assistant’s sleepy expression and slowly counted to five.

Don’t bite his head off. It’s not his fault you’ve got the mother of all hangovers and lost five grand last night.

He indicated his office with a cocked thumb. “That delivery.”

Otis joined him and peered inside the room. His eyes widened.

“Shit! Is that blood?”

“So, you didn’t see who brought it?” Artemus demanded sharply.

He regretted his tone instantly when an invisible force drove a chisel straight through his left temple.

Otis shook his head. “Nah-huh. I was out like a light. Got me some new cocoa. Stuff’s magic.”

Artemus sniffed the air and caught a familiar smell above the faint odor of stale human sweat emanating from his assistant.

The hot cocoa had evidently been supplemented with weed.

They stood and stared at the package. It was two feet by one foot and wrapped in heavy-duty, brown packing paper. Someone had tied the whole thing up with string and finished it off with a deceptively cheerful bow on top.

Artemus narrowed his eyes.

It would have looked like one of those quaint parcels delivered by a smiling postman on a bike to a picture-perfect housewife in the classic fifties movies he and his mom used to watch on TV when he was a kid, were it not for the bloody handprint on the side and the congealing crimson puddle beneath it. It didn’t help that he was getting bad juju vibes from it. Like, uber bad.

The package rustled.

Otis let out a strangled scream and clutched Artemus’s arm. “Oh my God, did that thing just move? Is it—is it alive?!”

Artemus swallowed the bile rising in his throat, peeled his assistant’s fingers from his flesh, and reached for the knife tucked in his left boot. The weapon looked like any switchblade you could buy from a military surplus store. He flicked it open and started across the room, pulse hammering away in his veins in tandem with the vicious pounding in his head. Floorboards creaked softly beneath his feet as he approached the desk.

The package rustled again. A sudden stillness came over it. Artemus hesitated.

He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.

He glanced at the bottle of bourbon standing on top of the filing cabinet to his left.

Another drink is not going to make this shitty situation any better.

He sighed. Let’s just get whatever the hell this is over and done with.

The dark red blemish staining the inlayed, brown leather surface of his beloved Victorian oak pedestal desk caught his attention once more. Artemus frowned, ire rising and overcoming the thread of apprehension thrumming down his spine.

And some asshole is going to pay for that.

He reached out and slipped the knife under the bow. It sliced effortlessly through the string.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then paper swished and crinkled, the package slowly unraveling before him like some kind of gory Christmas gift.

Limpid brown eyes locked onto him from behind the bars of a steel cage.

Artemus stopped breathing. The room faded around him.

For one wild, dizzying moment, he was back there again, in that field behind his house. The night he turned six. The night he saw strange lights in the sky. The night he witnessed the birth of a monster.

Artemus’s fingers clenched around the blade in his hand as the world came sharply back into focus. The handle grew hot and the metal trembled under his touch. Why the hell has he turned up again?

Gazing at him steadily from inside the metal cage sitting in a pool of blood on his priceless antique desk was the ghastly beast he’d seen that ungodly night when his life had changed forever. Except it didn’t look like a beast. Instead, it had assumed the shape of something so mundane Artemus would have laughed had he not known what lay beneath the innocent facade.

“Is that a—a bunny?” Otis stammered in a horrified voice.

There, looking like an exact replica of the first and only pet Artemus had ever owned, was a tan and chocolate Rex rabbit. Considering Artemus’s love of all things fluffy and floppy-eared, he should have been in a fit of rapture right about now.

Except this particular Rex rabbit had glowing red pupils and was gnawing on the remains of a dead rat, the unfortunate creature’s blood staining the velvety fur around his cute rabbit muzzle in gruesome wet streaks.

“That ain’t no bunny,” Artemus stated coldly.

The animal’s lips peeled back to expose two rows of deadly fangs.

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