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The End is Nigh…

A war to end all worlds is looming. Cassius Black and Morgan King must ready their forces for the fight against Elios, the dark God determined to raise Chaos himself from the Abyss. 

With Atropos’s prophetic vision that their final battle will have Earth as its stage, Cassius embarks on a journey to New York to persuade the leaders of the human race that war is inevitable and their best chance lies with the otherworldly beings who fell to Earth five centuries ago. Meanwhile, Morgan and the rest of their team set out in search of three exceptional human mages integral to the defense of all they hold dear.

As their allies begin to assemble on Earth in preparation for the impending conflict, Elios seizes the opportunity to disrupt their preparations and sow chaos. 

But the prelude to war brings an unexpected visitor to Earth, catching even the Fates off guard. And he brings with him a devastating secret. 

Can Cassius and Morgan overcome this shocking new challenge? Or will the harsh reality of their destiny condemn them and their loved ones to a grim fate? 

Format  Paperback
Pages  334
ISBN  978-1-912834-38-9
Dimensions  5 x 0.75 x 8 inches
Publisher   Silver Orb Publishing
Language  English
Edition  Second Edition, February 2024


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Several hundred years after the Fall, the Abyss

Darkness. It was everywhere. It was everything.

It was the Beginning and the End.

He did not know how long ago he had been cast into eternal night by the one he held most dear to his heart. As the essence of who he once was slowly decayed amidst the vestige of the devastating spell he had invoked, his memories started to fade.

There came a point when he no longer recalled who or what he was. When all he could do was float in an endless oblivion without sound or light or substance, his mind unraveling with the passage of time he could no longer count.

Until he heard a Voice.

One that breathed a name he failed to recognize as once having been his own.


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